Satish Nagarajan

Sathish Nagarajan Satish runs a web consulting firm, SNR Technologies, and a event ticket sales portal for event managers. He is a web developer by experience with hands on experience building web applications and working with open source technologies. He likes to call himself as a WordPress Evangelist as he finds it to be a strong development framework in near future.

At WCCTC, Satish will be speaking about “Introduction to using WP as application development framework”.

Amit Singh

Amit SinghAmit is founder and director of AmiWorks, the team behind WPoets. A self confessed ‘dreamer, coder and blogger’… his friends just call him ‘the PHP guy‘. He and his WPoets team is foucsed providing solutions to SME’s based on WordPress. He believes that it’s WordPress that can be used for any purpose, in any way, without compromising with quality or performance.

Amit is going to speak about WordPress Actions, Filters and Magic. He will cover basic introduction to WordPress hooks and how and when to use them.

Mohit Pawar

Mohit PawarMohit is the CEO of New Media Consulting Group. He is also part of the worldwide street team of Seth Godin’s The Domino Project, powered by Amazon.com. Pawar thinks of internet as a big social unifier and is a firm believer in its ability to inform, educate and entertain. His associates know him as a go-to person for start-up advice and using technology for strengthening brands. He spends his leisure hours spinning music and writes at www.mohitpawar.com.

Mohit is going to talk on blogging to super charge your career.

Sanjib Parida

sanjib paridaSanjib Kumar Parida, Co-Founder and CTO of Muvi.com. Movie lover and an engineer at heart who is in the business of getting things done, the power of the open web and connectivity to answer the worlds problems and propel us into the newer lifestyles of the future excites him. Prior to starting Muvi, started one of the early cloud technology companies 2007 which was later acquired by Exelanz. Worked with Chevron Oil Corp. as a data mining architect. Began his career with Satyam Technology India after a Comp.Sc undergrad degree from C.V Raman College of Engg. Bhubaneswar.

Sanjib will be speaking on the effective SEO measures that every webmaster should take to rank their web properties well in SERP. In his words, “SEO which translates to “Game Google” no longer a viable distribution and marketing strategy for new high value content produced by organizations with low resources. Google itself is changing at an alarming rate, vested interest within the company decide what SERPs are more attractive and what not. Search engine CTRs are no longer directly related to the position on the search page. Time that it takes to rank good content is inconsistent, and then there are the algorithm updates. SEO should be a feature not a strategy.”

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